Check Price on Amazon ad. As a great plus, it is based on powerful quad-core 8th Generation Intel Core processors, as opposed to previous-gen dual-core chips. The quad-core update brings a good performance boost, which is noticeable in computing intensive tasks like music and video production or photography editing.

As for the daily computing chores both available processor options — the Intel Core iU and iU — are more than sufficient. The same applies to system memory size of either 8 or 12 Gigabytes. The basic one is a standard 1-Terabyte hard disk drive. The notebook also optionally includes a built-in DVD optical drive.

You can use it only for non-demanding games. The same applies to optional touch-screen support. In the center of the platinum silver-colored chassis is a full-size keyboard with numeric pad and optional key backlight.

The touchpad is a single-piece one, meaning it has click buttons integrated in the surface. Furthermore, the laptop has stereo speakers, a p HD web-chat camera, The 3-cell battery inside the has a medium-size capacity of 42 WHr.

We have no info on battery life. Judging from the specs, we can assume it can last at least 4 hours on a charge. The profile is 0. For comparison against other laptops, use the "Compare Specs" button.

Below you can read and submit user reviews, questions, and answers about the laptop. Thank you for your contribution. Cheenu — July 3, Something wrong with this post? Thanks for letting us know. If you can point us in the right direction This post was Flag for removal.I have a Dell Inspiron and I would buy an active pen for writing notes of the lessons that I have to follow since I'm a student.

The screen on the does not support full active stylus support. So to answer your question, yes, the Targus stylus should work with the notebook. Such a stylus isn't going to be well suited to note-taking -- bear in mind that whatever you can do with a finger, a capacitive stylus can do -- and whatever you can't do with a finger precision drawing, writing, and pressure-sensitivitythe stylus can also not do.

You work for Dell??? Why can't you guys get it together with one simple answer!? Because there is actually Dell ads showing "active stylus" like writing pen on paper! Blah blah for the Dell Inspiron 15 series! Please explain why an official Dell ad would be incorrect? They even show the pen sitting in front of the system Because this is the most frustrating experience I've ever dealt with when it comes to asking a simple question!

Dell employees can't even get it right! I myself want to purchase the recommended Active stylus for my Dell Inspiron 15 Yet I read all these conflicting answers and responses.

I feel sorry for the ones who do because finding such info on the Dell site it difficult and can be erroneous or incomplete.

Inspiron 5570

The sales page for a model shows the PNM as compatible with that system. If you want to check your specific system, go to the sales page and customize. The compatible devices should be listed. Different Displays may have different capabilities. But whatever, the Dell site is lacking good info as to what devices are compatible with each system.

My suggestion is to use the online chat and have links to the devices you want to check and let them confirm. Be aware, when I checked my PN, I was told it was not compatible until I gave them a link to that device. The has a touchscreen - not a digitizing screen. No active stylus will function with it. I just bought the Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop that showed the pen in the ad--asked two different salespeople if the pen would really work on it and was told 'yes, sure, sure' and sadly it does not.

I called tech and found, that sadly, when I purchased the InspironI did not hike out to the warehouse and purchase the Inspiron with the 'Pen Enabled' sticker on it--I mistakenly purchased the one without the sticker.

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Did I mention what a sad experience this has been for me and how sad Dell has become? As for getting a capacative pen to work around having a Dell computer that turns into a tablet that you can't use a pen on I really recommend Apple Ipad Pro and their pen The has a touchscreen - not a pressure sensitive digitizer. Browse Community.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5570 / i5570 15.6″ Laptop with 8th Gen Intel Core, Optional Touch

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

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Search instead for. Did you mean:.I recently picked up an Inspiron 2-in-1 with Active Pen support, and am looking to buy a pen for it. Are Active Pens a universal accessory e. Are they manufacturer specific any Dell Active Pen will work on my ?

Whereas, a passive pen is compatible with all touchscreens. Thanks for the help. Spent 30 mins on phone to Dell premium support only to be told active pen would work. So happy I checked here before ordering one. Many thanks. I have the same problem in Poland but I bought this notebook especially to use Active Pen and I did not know I should buy notebook with sticker.

How to check whether sticker is or is not? What I can do now? Change the screen? Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

dell inspiron 5570 pen

Showing results for. Search instead for.

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Did you mean:. CalComEd 2 Bronze. Inspiron Active Pen compatibility question. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Dell-SreejithR Moderator. Re: Inspiron Active Pen compatibility question.

How to Disassemble a Dell Inspiron 15 5570 Laptop to Install an M.2 SSD

Thank you for your message. Yes, Premium PNX stylus is compatible with this model. Not applicable. How can I know my dell is compatible? Paaaa 2 Bronze. I have removed the stickers from my machine when it first arrived. How can I tell if I have a pen enabled display panel? Hi It has "Touch support with 10 touch points". That's a touchscreen - you do not have an active digitizer which is what you'd need for an active pen. RalphOcean 2 Bronze. Dell Support Resources.I am an artist and would like to use the touchscreen with a stylus to sketch.

Is there a stylus available that can do this? I cannot find it listed under accessories for this model. If you don't see a stylus listed, the system has a touchscreen -- not a digitizer, which is what you need for full, pressure-sensitive pen support. If you want full pen support, some of the Inspiron series models have it. Go to the Inspiron 2-in-1 Dell sales page. If you are an artist, you may be interested in the Pen mentions only seems to have levels of pressure.

The ones on some XPS models have I contacted support to make sure that the pnm was compatible with my and was told it was not. I was advised to contact sales tomorrow after 9 am to see if another pen would do. I would gladly buy one of these pens if they were supported. I had originally contacted tech support to find out. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Inspiron 2-in-1 laptop, stylus pen compatibility? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

dell inspiron 5570 pen

RE: Inspiron 2-in-1 laptop, stylus pen compatibility? Saltgrass 5 Rhenium. Hello I contacted support to make sure that the pnm was compatible with my and was told it was not. Dell Support Resources.

Sign up to ask a question now.If you find this instructable useful, please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel for upcoming DIY tutorials concerning technology. Thank you! These instructions may be the same or similar for other laptop models in the Inspiron 15 line, but I am specifically working with the The tools that you'll need are a Phillips head screwdriver for removing the screws from the laptop's cover, and you might need a smaller one for the SSD.

Finally, a couple throwaway gift cards or expired credit cards will come in handy for prying the cover off the bottom of the laptop. To install the SSD, you'll need to flip the laptop on its back and remove its bottom cover. So the first step is to remove the screws holding the cover. You'll first want to remove the DVD drive, which is held in place by this one screw. The rest of the screws are immediately apparent - there are twelve remaining screws that you need to remove.

As you begin, screw 1 in the photo has a long body so you may need to use your fingernail to pull up on the screw head while turning the screwdriver.

Make sure to keep track of where each screw goes, because there are different lengths of screws. Most laptops have an easy-access cover to gain access to the memory or the M. Having a magnetized screwdriver isn't required, but it certainly helps to pull out the screws. When you get to Screw 9 in the photoit's not going to want to come out, even with a magneitzed screwdriver.

I believe it's spring-loaded and I'm positive it's unscrewed from the other side, so I will just leave it. You'll now need to pry open the bottom cover. Flip the laptop over and crack open the lid. The idea here is to wedge your gift cards in between the groove going all around the edge of the laptop.

This will undo the tabs holding the bottom cover to the top half of the computer. Start at the top right side of the laptop, right below the corner. Once you have the first card wedged in, you can take the second card and work it into the spacing caused by the first one. As you work along the edge, you'll hear some snapping sounds, meaning that the internal tabs are being unfastened. And as you continue along the edge, you can alternate between the cards to maintain spacing between the two shells.

Once you have freed the right, bottom and left sides, work on the two corners where the hinge is, using the two cards. Wedge the card in horizontally, but at a slight angle - but you want to be careful. There are tabs underneath that can break if you force the cards in too hard. Swing open the bottom cover - the two cards in the corners may pop out while you do so.

But it should come off fairly easily. The cover is made of plastic with some internal metal shielding. According to Dell, the M. Remove the screw. If your screwdriver bit is too big, you'll want to use the smaller screwdriver that I mentioned earlier. Next, let's align the keys with the keyed slot, and slide the module in at an angle. Push it down. While you're here, you can upgrade the memory as well, for which there's two slots - one already configured with 8GB of DDR4L memory in my configuration.

It takes up to 32 GB, so you could upgrade to two 16 GB sticks if you wanted to. You can also access your internal 2.

Once you install the SSD, you'll want to reverse the steps - basically you'll re-attach the bottom cover.Howdy - I'm looking to grab an active pen for an Inspiron 15 2 in 1 but can't seem to find any information regarding compatibility. Has anybody picked up an active pen for this laptop that they could recommend? Only if your system arrived with an "active pen compatible" sticker on it will an active pen work. Well thanks for that info, helpful and disappointing and I will be sure to pass it on.

I was recommending this to friends that lost everything in the Camp Fire and they liked the look of my newly arrived PC. This purchase was a wait of money.

I wanted touch screen and active pen with a 2 in 1 laptop. After reading your post and finding several other disappointing reviews, I had to search around and do my own research. And it was a little discouraging as Dell was trying to convince me that my laptop should be compatible, even though it did not have the pen on the sticker.

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I tried to explain that the About me section clearly stated touch support with 10 touch points. So after getting off the chat with Dell because I did not want to chance the online buy as many reviewers had already shared their disgust, I went to Best Buy with my laptop. And sure enough the Bamboo and other active styluses that worked for Microsoft Surface and any other 2-in-1 was not being recognized on my touch screen.

Inspiron 15 (5570)

So I had planned on upgraded my Dell but decided to go to Walmart, as I had thought about it earlier. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Only one model in the series with an i5 CPU shows active pen compatible. MsLatiece8 2 Bronze. Glauss 1 Copper.Don't forget to thank you reviewers This is probably the easiest part of the whole process. Published by Nicole Kow Having graduated from the UK, Nicole travelled around Europe before joining TrekkSoft's marketing team.

I can't find a page We're here to support you all the way TrekkSoft was founded to address the needs of our local tour and activity industry in Interlaken, Switzerland. Support Our Documentation Our Shop Our F. Want to check the status of your order. You can put in your order number and click search to find the tracking information or login your account to check the detail information.

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